Todd Que Music

 My Influences


Over the years, 

the names of the guitarist 

I have looked to for inspiration

have become more & more obscure.

I would love to share these names

and some of the beautiful

music that I have

had the






Allan Alexander 

Allan loves to play guitar and you can hear it in his playing.

He is a master at fingerstyle guitar and has dedicated 

his life to bringing awareness of this beautiful

instrument and its capabilities

to the public.


Juanillo de Alba 


An AWESOME Right Hand.


Juan Martin'

The best traditional Flamenco Guitarist of our day


Paco Cepero

An incredible guitarist

from a time when Flamenco was mysterious and romantic


Melchor de Marchena

 Old school and lovin it.

The sound of his guitar and playing style takes me back


Enrique de Melchor

Technical Brillance 


Vicente Amigo

The future of Nuevo Flamenco



























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